“Real generosity towards the future

lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus

Hi, I’m Emma!

I am a small town girl who believes that a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy mind. I want to work with you to set goals focused on behavioral and lifestyle changes; as well as develop long term healthy habits. I believe you can reach your goals through motivation, hard work, and loving your past, present, and future self.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
    • American Council on Exercise
  • University of Colorado Boulder
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
    • Certificate in Public Health

On the Blog


But Where Do You Get Your Protein? Building Muscle On a Plant Based Diet

Realistically, when we talk about wanting to lose weight, or be skinnier, we’re talking about losing fat. What we don’t often consider is that a huge part of this process is building muscle. When people go to the gym to lose weight, they get discouraged when the...

Social Media Motivation

Everyone knows social media is a highlight reel of our best and brightest moments. We are constantly comparing our everyday lives to everyone else’s color corrected, photoshopped, posed photos. Photos that only capture a moment, or 30 seconds, of that beach vacation,...

Don’t Go on a Diet, Get A Life

Before I actually get into the “meat” of it here, I want to start off with a disclaimer. When I say “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle,” I’m not talking about one of connotations that surrounds the all out, total hippy, vegan world.  I put honey in my tea, my car has...

The Meat Industry Kills More Than Just Cows- Why Our Planet is in Danger Too

I am just going to lay out the facts here, so be ready for a bit of information overload. There are 780 million people in the world who don’t have access to clean water, yet more than 70% of all the freshwater in the world is used in animal farming. A farm producing...

On My Mind…

My favorite recipes, ideas, and cool content from all around the world wide web.


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